Cheah Kongsi had established its interpretation center in 2015. The Interpretation Centre had attracted many visitors to learn the history of the Cheah’ migration from Fujian province. The interpretation centre exhibits and displays the history, culture and heritage of the Cheah clans. This interpretation center is also the first of its kind to be established by a Kongsi in Malaysia. This photo shows the internal view of the newly established Interpretation Centre.

世德堂谢公司于2015年设立文化资料解说中心,同时也是马来西亚首座由乡团组织设立的文化资料解说中心。该中心向游客展示了有关世德堂谢公司在槟榔屿所成立的乡团组织,为造福南来宗亲寻找新生活和工作,也有个落脚、联谊、福利及跟家乡保持联繫的地方,一直扮演着联谊角色。 此为文化资料解说中心内部大厅

Ground Floor
Second Floor

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