Cheah Kongsi In Brief

Established in 1810, CHEAH KONGSI is one of the oldest Hokkien clan associations in George Town, Penang. Its members have their ancestral origins from Sek Tong Seah in the Sam Tor District of the Hai Teng County at Cheang Chew Prefecture, Fujian Province, China.

The first person to have the Cheah surname was SIN PEK and the 36th generation descendent was XIE AUN (320-385A.D.), who was the premier of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He was also known as GUANG HUI SHENG WANG. During the Tang Dynasty, two generals known as Teoh Soon and Khaw Wan from the Sek Tong Seah sacrificed their lives to defend Hwa Yang gate to stop the rebels invasion. The Tang emperor posthumously bestowed them the honorific title “Hock Haw” which means prosperous marquis. The Cheah clans worship HOCK HAW KONG as their patron deity.

Cheah Beng Him also known as Cheah Tong San who was the progenitor moved to Sek Tong Seah during the 13th century. He had two sons named Toh Beng and Toh Kee. Members of the present Cheah Kongsi are descendants of Toh Beng and Toh Kee.

The Cheah clan’s emblem is “Bao Shu” (or “Precious Tree” in english). Formerly known as Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi, it was registered as SEH TEK TONG CHEAH KONGSI on 1st April 2011.

This eclectic building where the ancestral building stands today was built in 1858 and completed in 1873. The beautiful clan temple, featuring Straits and post independence architecture, is built on a 1,500sq meter ground acquired in 1828, accessible via an archway from Lebuh Armenian and a new main entrance from Lebuh Pantai now. The temple’s main prayer hall houses three altars located at the upper floor— Tua Pek Kong, Tai Sai Yeah(left) and their patron deities Hock Haw Kong(right) and Beng Him Kong tablets(centre).


申伯是第一个以谢为其姓氏的人.而谢安(320-385ad),东晋著名政治家是谢氏创始人谢申伯第三十六后代.他也被称为”广惠圣王” 的称号.在唐朝天宝年间,福建省石塘社两位将军张巡和许远被吩咐守卫华阳门停止叛军,然而,这两位将军不幸牺牲了. 唐闵王在得知后授予他们”福侯”称号意思是“昌盛的侯爵”.此后谢氏族人供奉福侯公为守护神.

申伯的第85代孙谢铭欣,生于1233年,是石塘谢氏肇基祖,称东山公。13世纪末迁彰州海澄,世居三都石塘社。他有两个儿子名叫杜明和杜记. 在槟榔屿落脚的谢氏族人都是杜明和杜记的后代.

谢氏族人的标志是“宝树”(或英语意指“珍贵的树”)。原称为谢氏福侯公公司, 该公司于2011年4月1日注册世德堂谢公司。

谢公司折衷的建筑同时也是祠堂的建筑建于1858而在1873完成。占地一千五百平方米的美丽宗祠体现了海峡殖民和独立后的建筑风格, 进入其内的有分别座落于本头公巷的拱形门楼及新的土库街正大门. 谢公司主庙祠堂一楼设有三个祭圣坛,供奉大伯公, 大世爷(左),谢氏族人守护神之福侯公(右)以及铭欣公祖灵牌位(中心)。

Bird view of Cheah Kongsi (indicated by black Box)
Credit to Prof. Eugene Ch’ng

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