Board of Trustees for Cheah Kongsi

Board of Trustees

Sitting L to R : Sim Bok,Seng Huat,Swee Huat,Sin Choon & Chu Peng.
Standing L to R : Sin Bee,Hock Seng,Sin Loon,Chin Huat,Lai Chin & Ee Choon.


Past Trustees

The Late Mr.Cheah Choo Yew, J.P. M.C.H.


Mr Cheah Choo Yew from Sai Suah Kark was born in 1841, was a Trustee of Cheah Kongsi. He had 3 wives, Madam Lim Soh Yew, Madam Lim Chye Yam and Madam Lim Hoon Neoh. He had 2 sons Mr Cheah Seng Yean (Born in February 1886) and Mr Cheah Seng Khim (Born in April 1906) and a daughter Madam Cheah Geok Suat (Born in February 1913). His occupation (as documented in a book “Famous Personalities Of The Straits Settlement 1928”), was listed as Opium & Spirit Farmer. He lived at 44, Muntri Street and also at 4, Tye Sin Street where he passed away on 8th February 1931.

A road situated between Patani Road and Singora Lane is now named after one of Penang’s prominent sons, the late Mr Cheah Choo Yew, J.P. M.C.H., better known to all Chinese as “Ah Pek” Choo Yew.

In his life time, Mr Choo Yew took an active and leading part in public civic affairs and was in the forefront in proposing candidates for Municipal elections. He was the man who proposed Mr Lim Cheng Teik in 1909 and seconded by Mr Lim Seng Hooi during the time when Mr F. J. Hallifax, MCS., was President and Mr L. A. Coutier Biggs, Municipal Secretary.

At that time one have only to secure twenty votes from the ratepayers to become a Municipal Commissioner. The privilege of election was abolished in 1911 and it was strongly protested by the people of Penang where a public meeting was held at the Town Hall presided by the Hon. Mr Robert Young and Messrs. C. W. Barnett and Lim Cheng Teik spoke strongly against this measure. The Hon. Mr August Huttenbach was the only Legislative Councillor who fought hard in council against nomination of commissioners by the Governor but he was unsuccessful being the only voice crying in the wilderness.

Mr Choo Yew was the first Penang Chinese to secure the lease of the Bangkok opium farm in 1905. He was in charge of the opium there with his nephew, the late Mr Cheah Kee Ee a clever man as assistant who is still alive is Mr Yeoh Siow Teong who went to Bangkok about fifty years ago with a party of Penang Chinese for the purpose of working under Mr Choo Yew.

Sober, persevering and conservative, Mr Choo Yew was a mighty rock to his clansman. About him there was always the dignity of a Chinese leader, the real leader who looked to the welfare of his countrymen. He was ever mindful of the interests of his clansmen and endeavoured to help them in trouble. He had the distinction of being one of the Chinese leaders in the island and was always accessible to the rich and poor alike. He wielded a great influence over Chinese opinions and his actions were always promoted by an honest desire to do good to the land of his birth.

已故谢自友J.P., M.C.H.



谢自友在一生当中除了活跃并积极参与慈善公益事务的,谢公亦站在最前线提议候选人竞选市政选举。于一九零九年,林清德先生便是获得谢公本人提名并获得林成辉先生附议支持。哈利法克斯先生(译音)是身为当时的市委会主席而比克斯先生(译音)(Mr. L. A. Coutier Biggs)则是市委会书记。





Late Dato Dr. Cheah Toon Lok,  JP.

Former Member of Parliament and the Chairman of Kedah Chinese Chamber of Commerce


Dato Dr. Cheah Toon Lok, with his ancestral home from Southern Fujian, China was born in the year 1897. Dato Dr. Cheah attended at Penang Free School before he furthered his tertiary education at Medical School of Hong Kong University. Dato Dr. Cheah doctored in Penang and Alor Setar as his career after graduation. Yet, Dato Dr. Cheah remained some sort of rapport with the Penang community.

Dato Dr. Cheah was warm-hearted enthusiastic in promoting public good welfare. In his spare time, he used to be active in various community activities. After World War II, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) was found. MCA set up an alliance together with United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) with the attempt to seek the nation’s independence. Dato Dr. Cheah was the former President of MCA and a member of parliament.

He also held positions in the following institutions:

Penang Hokkien Association, Cheah Si Association, Guangfu Museum, Guan Yin trustee, Hawkers Association of Malaysia, Honorary Chairman of Kedah Chinese Sports Association, the Board Chairman of St. Michael School, one of predecessor presidents of MCA, an executive committee member of Kedah branch, Coalition Committee Member and Kedah Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Red Cross St. John’s Ambulance, President of the theosophical society, former vice president of the colony of the Straits Chinese and overseas Chinese Association.

Family pastimes

Dato Dr. Cheah played music and performed yoga at his leisure. He married with a Penangite lady called Yang Xiang Rong. She was descended from a distinguished family who was also a good spouse to Dato Dr. Cheah. Their children received higher education who have settled down and their own profession.





拿督谢敦禄医生,1897年,诞生于山明水秀的槟城。祖籍中国闽南,现为马来西亚公民。毕业于槟城官立英文学校Free School和香港大学医学院。毕业后在槟城及吉礁首府Alor Setar挂牌行医,迄今与槟城社会仍保持密切关系。



槟城福建会馆、谢氏公会、广福官及观音亭信托人。马来西亚小贩总会、吉礁华人体育会名誉会长、吉华中学 (St. Michael School) 董事主席、马华公会总会前任会长、吉礁分会执行委员、联盟委员会委员及吉礁中华总商会、红十字会圣约翰救伤队、神智学会会长、前海峡殖民地华人侨生公会副会长。



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